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"Banjo Sketch 1" is actually a study piece for a painting I’m working on. It's part of a collection I’m showing at Luna’s Cafe in Sacramento, CA, later this summer. The collection is called "Root & Bone," and examines the connection between people and the environment. Most of the paintings center around humans or natural man-made objects like instruments being reclaimed by nature in some way (there are a lot of trees…I love trees). I’m especially interested in the history of the banjo and how it represents varying, often contradictory perspectives in American society. I suppose it’s also a contemplation on what can be reclaimed, what cannot, and what should be.

Elizabeth Baxmeyer


"Banjo Sketch 1" by Elizabeth Baxmeyer


by Stuart Spencer

by Grant Price

by Sara Kass Eifler

by Sofie Riley

"A Simple Bowl of Clouds" by Robin Young


by Kristan LaVietes

by Gaby Siry

by Mehnaz Sahibzada

by Katie Bowers


by Amanda McLeod

"Typographical Larvae 2" by Dominique Elliott


by Brandyce Ingram

by Sharon Bippus

Artist Bios
Elizabeth Baxmeyer

                                   is an artist and writer from Sacramento, CA, but originally from the UK. She takes inspiration from nature, human interaction, and her fading British-ness. She grew up in the English countryside and is enthralled by folklore and how it connects with the landscape. She hopes you see these influences in her work! Recently her visual art has been published in Beyond Words Literary Magazine and Wild Roof Journal.

Robin Young

                       is an artist based in Borrego Springs California. She works in mixed media focusing mostly on collage and contemporary art making. Her focus on collage art using magazine clippings, masking tape, wallpaper, jewelry, feathers, foil etc. allows her to develop deep into the whimsical and intuitive compositions she is known for.

Dominique Elliott

                               is a documentary filmmaker, poet, designer and professor. She holds an MFA in visual design from UMass, Dartmouth. Her work has been showcased internationally and her documentary “Flying the Beam” is included in the Eisenhower Presidential Library collection. Her poetry has been featured on the Apple podcast Words In The Air and the Ekphrastic Review. She lives on a daylily farm in Georgia with her husband and their four cats.

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