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Green House was founded by two brothers from Chicago, last name Green, who love to read. In fact, we both work at a library.


But importantly: NO, we are NOT John and Hank Green, nor associated with them in any way. Our names are Jeremy and Timothy.

Reading is important to us. It's always been a part of our lives. Novels, short story collections, poetry, anthologies, online posts, magazine pieces, and the stories within all of them contain the power to change the world. So after spending years reading published stories, we wanted to try our hand on the other side of the glass: reading all the wonderful content that is handed to editors before it's published. We had a feeling we were missing out on some important stories.

So now we're here. Running Green House. And we want to read it all. Literally, all of it. We have an endless appetite for story. It's as important to sustaining life as food, water, or sleep. But we won't be doing much of the latter, because we'll be reading.

Submit writing on Submittable. Check our site for new, beautiful stories, coming soon.

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